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Dextran 5 GPC Standard

Normative Mw - 5000 Da

GPC standards can be used for calibration and molecular weight determination. Critical parameters for gel permeation chromatography (GPC) standard Dextran 5 are summarized in the table below in the folder Specification.

Data Samples for GPC Standard Collection 
The files below illustrate Dextran GPC Standard 5 data and charts. The GPC Standard data are unique for a given Batch No. When ordering GPC standard from Pharmacosmos, please note that the Batch No. may be different from the examples given here.

MSDS on Dextran Powder

Safety Data Sheet

GPC Standard Dextran 5
Mp 4,440 Da
Mw 5,220 Da
Mn 3,260 Da
|η| (visc.) 7.8 ml/g
Mw (LALLS) 5,700 Da
Mn (EGT) 3,326 Da

Where Mw is the weight average molecular weight; Mp is the peak average molecular weight; Mn is the number average molecular weight; and |η| is the intrinsic viscosity measured at 25°C.

GPC Standards
GPC Standard  Dextrans from Pharmacosmos are packed and stored in safe and clean conditions.
GPC Standard  Dextran 5 are available in the following pack sizes:

Item no Weight Packaging
5522 0005 0001 800 mg/vial Polypropylene plastic tube
5522 0005 0002 5 g/vial Polypropylene /Polyehylene plastic tube.

Pharmacosmos supplies GPC Standard Dextrans to all countries.

Calibration and Molecular Weight Determination
GPC standards can be used for calibration and molecular weight determination

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